Trolling Outrigging Pole Set

Trolling Outrigging Pole Set

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What we supply is  2 S/S bases fully adjustable 360 degree circle and 30-90 degree vertical adjustment  for both T top and gunwale mount to suit either 31.5mm 11 foot poles or 14-20 foot poles using 41.5mm diameter.

These are the most versatile bases in the market. 

For this  sale we offer 11 foot 31.5mm poles and full rigging kit.  Includes 2 sets of S/S bases. 2 black nylon pole adapters to 31.5 mm, 2 white nylon base height  risers and 2 carbon graphite (2 pieces). 

11 foot poles with S/S tips and 1 USA style complete outrigger line clips n bungee so all you need to  rig up a pair of riggers.